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How the entire world population could be reached for Christ in less than 12 steps

By Bart De Wolf, Master of Information Technology, Belgium

Have you ever wondered why the lord Jesus choose exactly 12 disciples and not another number?

Imagine for a moment that there would be only one christian on the whole world.

If he would gain 12 disciples, and each of them in turn would gain another 12 disciples, and so on, then all people on earth would have been reached in less then 12 steps.

The following table shows step numbers and number of people :

Step #People
1 1
2 12
3 144
4 1,728
5 20,736
6 248,832
7 2,985,984
8 35,831,808
9 429,981,696
10 5,159,780,352
11 61,917,364,224
12 743,008,370,688

For each step the number of people is 12 times the number of people from the previous step.

Compare these numbers to the world population estimates and projections you can find on World Population Review :

Year #People
2030 8,551,198,644
2025 8,185,613,757
2020 7,795,482,309
2015 7,383,008,820
2010 6,958,169,159
2005 6,542,159,383
2000 6,145,006,989

In only 12 steps the number of people that could be reached theoretically far outnumbers today's world population.

Even if the world population would be double or triple of what it is now, every living being could still be reached within 12 steps.

We started with the premise that there would be only 1 christian. But in reality there are already millions of christians. So only 3 or 4 steps would be needed as of today to reach every living soul.

What is needed is focus. Each christian must reach out to 12 other non christians, instruct them in the ways of Jesus, and help them gain their own 12 disciples.

Duplicate the Lord Jesus' discipleship model! Join this effort now and get your own 12 disciples.

God bless you,

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Master of Information Technology

"He who wins souls is wise." (Proverbs 11:30) (NIV)

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